Why choose real estate as a career

When you are done with your studies, you would want to start working in a good industry that offers a steady income. You would have plenty of dreams about your career. You would want your work life to be enjoyable so that you can stick on to your job without any hassles or regret. The real estate industry is one of the best options (before) for you to enjoy a wonderful career in Singapore. Here are few reasons.

Interesting work life

The job of a salesperson in the real estate industry in Singapore is really interesting. It is not a mundane work. You will not have to deal with the same kind of work every day. As a salesperson in the industry, you will have to deal with clients who look for( housing plots) a plot of land, apartments, condos, office spaces, commercial and industrial buildings and many other types of properties. As a salesperson you will not be restricted to deal with just one or two kinds of properties. The industry is really (vast) dynamic & challenging.  Hence your daily work life would never be monotonous.(Since the people you meet every day as part of your job would be new, you will enjoy your day-to-day activities unlike in any other fields. ) The clients that you would be meeting are from all walks of life and all their housing needs are diverse and different and these will enable you to showcase your interest, passion and motivation towards helping them to achieve their desired real estate goals.

(Excellent earnings)Earnings through Commission

When you have completed the real estate license course and can start working with one of the reputed real estate agencies in Singapore. Most of the real estate companies in Singapore will start the new real estate salesperson on a commission sharing basis and will make known the details to you when you join them. You will be remunerated based on a commission that will commensurate with your experience and seniority and length of services that you have worked in the industry.  (you will not have to worry about your income. You will be provided with a sound monthly salary which will help you meet your daily expenses easily. You will also be able to get better salary once you gain a good amount of experience in the industry. Each day at work will help you to enhance your knowledge related to the industry. Hence, after a certain period you will attract great offers from reputed real estate agencies. ) not needed and not relevant to Singapore

Opportunity to earn extra perks (Opportunity for more incentives)

The job of a salesperson is even more interesting because of the extra perks that you get to earn. When you close new deals, you will earn extra incentives from the clients who are pleased with your services that they might refer their friends or relatives or other contacts to you. When you assist more clients in finding their dream properties, your income will also go up steadily. Your employer might provide you with a stipulated amount of incentives according to the value of the deal that you complete. However, if you do your job well and impress your clients, you might be able to take home (huge bonuses) commission every month.

Job stability(Opportunity)

Job (stability ) opportunity is one of the key reasons that attract plenty of people to the license course real estate in Singapore. You will not have to worry about losing your job as long as you do justice to the roles assigned to you (by your clients or bosses) and do it with integrity and professionally. You will not have to worry about the global economy or the changes in technology when you work as a salesperson in the real estate industry. Once you complete the real estate sales training, you will be able to work with reputed real estate agencies in the country. You can also do the job (without the help of others) with proper training and hands on guidance and on the job training from your mentor, With the right contacts and connection and networking you would go far in harnessing your real estate experiences .

Long employment period

The long employment period is another benefit provided by the real estate industry. You will not have to retire from the industry as long as you do your job well. You are also required to upgrade yourself by going for the continuing professional courses which is mandatory if you want to renew your license and to remain in the real estate industry. With age, you will only gain experience and contacts in this field. Hence, you can enjoy great returns for a long time.