Qualities of the best RES course provider

In order to enter the world of real estate in Singapore as a salesperson, you need to complete the Real Estate Salesperson (RES) license course from a reputed & established real estate approved course provider. The course is based on the syllabus stipulated by the Council for Estate Agencies (CEA) in the country. After completion of the course you will have to sit for an examination that consists of two papers(Paper 1 & Paper 2) and must obtain pass mark in both the papers in order to earn entry into the real estate industry.  In order to qualify to be real estate salesperson, first and foremost you must register the RES Course with the approved course provider which is endorsed by the Council for Estate Agencies (CEA). The interested person must also have the pre-requisite qualifications stipulated by CEA in order to register for the Real Estate Salesperson (RES) course.  Singaporean and Permanent Residence who hold foreign qualification keen to take up this RES Course will need to have and is mandatory for them to have their foreign qualifications (e.g. degrees, diplomas, certificates etc) to be sent for Educational Qualification Assessment to the CEA for verification and approval. Once their foreign qualifications have been approved by CEA, they then can go ahead with the registration and attend the RES course with the approval course provider.

Expert team of faculty members

In order to complete the course without much hassle, you need the assistance and guidance of qualified and experienced teaching professionals. A good and responsible course provider will definitely have a strong team of faculty members who are well versed and hands on with the subject matters mentioned in the syllabus. There will be experienced real estate practitioners, lawyers and experienced professional salesmen in the faculty group to guide you through the learning curve. You need to make sure that the faculty members are all well qualified before choosing an institute. You can do so by verify and checking with participants who have completed the course from the institute. You can also read through their testimonials written by the past participants or students who had attended the RES Course with the approval course provider.

Excellent classroom training sessions

The syllabus for the RES real estate course covers a lot and is exhaustive. If the course provider that you choose does not provide you with adequate facilities, you will not be able to learn the portions well. The best institute will have state-of-the-art classrooms with all modern amenities. There will be audio-video facilities to make the sessions more engaging and interesting. The training sessions would be conducted with the aid of projectors and electronic media in order to help the students to learn the topics easily.

Flexible training hours

You might have plenty of needs to meet in your daily lives. However dedicated you are to complete the course, emergency situations and unforeseen circumstances might arise and cause you to miss a lesson or two. When you have missed a lesson, you will find it really hard and challenging to learn the topics by yourself. If you are choosing the best institute for the course, you will not have to worry at all. You will be able to go for the lessons and sessions for make up classes for what you had missed due to the emergency situation or ill health.

Excellent study materials

In order to complete the real estate sales training course without much difficulty, you need to go home and learn the topic and lesson well. To do this, you will need quality study materials. If you are choosing the best institute for the training sessions, you will be provided with topnotch study material that contains all the necessary portions to make your course study an easy process. You will be able to learn all the topics with ease because the course material provided by the course provider will contain all the important portions in an easy-to-understand language and also the course provider have painstakingly incorporated and put in place the  on-line  I-learning  into your learning process and help you to do your own self-check revision and assessment on-line on the move 24/7 which you can easily log in your lap-top, ipad and smart phone which you will be able to download the program provided by the course provider.

Superior placement assistance facility (Sharing experiences in the teaching)


The course provider will help the participants by sharing their practical and hands on experiences in their teaching of their lessons by their trainers and facilitators.  All the trainers and facilitators have vast knowledge and experiences in the real estate industry and thus will be most apt to bring about a good learning experiences and beneficial sharing and guidance to the participants to enable them to have a better and well-informed ideas of what will be like to be in the industry and will enhance their learning curve and boost their confidence when taking the RES examinations.

When you enroll for the real estate course with one of the best institutes in the country, you will not have to worry about placements.  Importantly, is to pass the Exam in one sitting.  Thereafter, any top real estate companies are more than willing to accept you in their estate agency.