5 Best Qualities of RES Course Provider

The RES course is one of the most sought after courses in Singapore.  Before you enroll at an institute for the course, you should look for the following qualities.

Excellent team of trainers

The RES course provider you choose should have an excellent team of qualify trainers to teach you the topics stipulated in the syllabus. The faculty members should have excellent knowledge about the real estate industry in Singapore and the laws associated with it.

State-of-the-art support

The institute should have classrooms that house the good facilities. The institute should make use of modern technology and conduct audio-video presentations and webinars to teach the topics in a better way.  Students should be able to learn all the topics mentioned in the syllabus without any sort of difficulties.  The overall atmosphere prevailing in the classrooms should also be excellent.

Study material

The study material provided for RES course should be up-to-date & relevant with the industry. The material should be easy to understand and should cover all the topics required to clear the RES exam. The course material should have illustrations and notes that will make the learning process interesting.

Flexible timings for training sessions

You need to take a look at the timings for the training sessions. You might have other commitments to meet during certain hours during the day. Since the course is of utmost importance, you cannot afford to miss a session too. Hence, the institute should provide you with flexible timings for the training sessions.

Excellent testimonials

Hearing the feedback from past learners about the quality of training of the institution helps you to make decision.  Always look over the testimonials which could be easily available on the website of your chosen RES course provider or you may also ask them to provide you with the details of past learners along with their testimonials if it’s not available on the website.