Why RES Course is Becoming Popular in Singapore?

If you take a look at the different career oriented courses available in Singapore, you will find a great demand for the Real Estate Course that is approved by the Council for Estate Agencies in the country. What are the reasons for the same?


5 Best Qualities of RES Course Provider

The RES course is one of the most sought after courses in Singapore.  Before you enroll at an institute for the course, you should look for the following qualities. (more…)

5 Reasons to Choose RES Course for a Secured Future

Every course promises the participants, a level of security for their career & future and so is the case with RES Course in Singapore. RES Course enables agents to excel in their real estate career not only to achieve short term money goals but also to gain a long term career security as well. Here are some of the most important reasons that make RES course one of the best choices for a secured future. (more…)

Why choose real estate as a career

When you are done with your studies, you would want to start working in a good industry that offers a steady income. You would have plenty of dreams about your career. You would want your work life to be enjoyable so that you can stick on to your job without any hassles or regret. The real estate industry is one of the best options (before) for you to enjoy a wonderful career in Singapore. Here are few reasons. (more…)

Qualities of the best RES course provider

In order to enter the world of real estate in Singapore as a salesperson, you need to complete the Real Estate Salesperson (RES) license course from a reputed & established real estate approved course provider. The course is based on the syllabus stipulated by the Council for Estate Agencies (CEA) in the country. After completion of the course you will have to sit for an examination that consists of two papers(Paper 1 & Paper 2) and must obtain pass mark in both the papers in order to earn entry into the real estate industry.  In order to qualify to be real estate salesperson, first and foremost you must register the RES Course with the approved course provider which is endorsed by the Council for Estate Agencies (CEA). (more…)

Why you should choose best RES course provider in Singapore

If you are looking for a wonderful career in Singapore, you should definitely check out the real estate industry. The job of a salesperson in the industry will provide you with a (decent income based on commission and incentive) and also an interesting & challenging work life. You will not have to sit in an office cubicle glued to a computer monitor all day. You will not have to perform monotonous tasks every day which will get you bored eventually. The job of a real estate salesperson is quite interesting because you will have to deal with new clients every day. You will be provided with the opportunity to travel around the country and work with of people different backgrounds and culture and ethnic group. You will help people to find their dream homes and offices. It is one job that will give you a lot of personal satisfaction. Now, how to get a job as salesperson in the industry? You need to enroll &complete the real estate salesperson course (RES) from a reputed RES course provider and pass the examination conducted by the Council for Estate Agencies (CEA) in order to earn the license to practice as a real estate salesperson.  You should choose the best course provider who can help you to succeed in your career endeavour. (more…)